IoTeX Delegates Program — Community Reward Campaigns!

IoTeX Delegates Program — Community Reward Campaigns!

The next era of IoTeX is almost here! As we prepare for the IoTeX Mainnet, we are also excited to launch the IoTeX Delegates Program, where the IoTeX community will elect Delegates to maintain and grow the network. This is your opportunity to impact the future of IoTeX and earn great rewards for voting!

To kick off the IoTeX Delegates Program, we will be launching a series of new community reward campaigns to walk through the voting process, explain rewards for voters, and spread the word.

Over the next month, we will be distributing Millions of IOTX and Many Member Only rewards to our community — don’t miss out on your chance to earn points/tokens! Check out the exciting campaigns we have planned below:

  1. Video Campaign: Watch our new Delegates Program video and help spread the word by sharing with your friends. More referrals = more points!
  2. Signature Campaign: Wear IoTeX signature and be active in popular blockchain forums to promote our Delegates Program. Big rewards for reputable members like you!
  3. Quiz Campaign: One of the most popular campaigns we have with our community — show your knowledge of the Delegates program in an interactive quiz!
  4. Creative Content Campaign: Share your creativity and passion for IoTeX via pictures, videos, songs, or other content — it’s up to you! The creations with the most re-tweets / shares and the IoTeX team’s favorites will earn BIG rewards!
  5. Voting Portfolio Campaign: Create your own mock voting portfolio to familiarize yourself with the IoTeX voting website. Use different token amounts / stake durations to customize your votes and get points for every portfolio you create! Also, BIG daily lucky draws — stay tuned!
  6. Rewards for Early Voters: This is the HUGE campaign you have been waiting for! We will be giving out millions of IOTX to reward early voters once the voting process starts. The more votes you make, the more rewards you will get, so make sure to accumulate points in our earlier campaigns!

You will receive lots of bonus rewards for consistent participation. The more campaigns you participate in, the more bonus rewards you get!

We are so happy to reward our community for their support, and hope that everyone participates in these campaigns to learn the voting process and benefits before voting officially starts at the end of February. We will be announcing the official dates and detailed instructions for each campaign on our official channels — stay tuned and don’t miss out on the fun!

For more details, please see our posts on Delegate requirements and the voting, ranking, and rewards process. To apply to become an IoTeX Delegate, please complete this form.